Quilt Slam: Through Their Eyes,

The Sky Project,

Apollo’s Ascent,

The Feathers of the Phoenix,

Pandora’s Lantern,

Quilt Slam: Through Their Eyes, 2003, 5’x35′, Tapestry featuring hand painted panels

Done in collaboration with Dr. Bruce St. Thomas, the Center for Grieving Children, and 130 members of America’s Camp.

The tapestry features over 300 panels that tell stories of loss, love, and hope in relation to the terrorist events that took place on 9/11/01.

The Sky Project, 2004, 8’x20′, Mixed Media Painting/Assemblage with 40 2’x2′ Wooden Panels, Acrylic Paint, Gel Medium, Paper.

Done in collaboration with Emily Puthoff, Elena Sniezek, and 170 members of America’s Camp.

The background imagery features a nighttime sky on a slight horizon line. The foreground is filled with hundreds of interpretations of “inspiration stars”.

Apollo’s Ascent, 2005, Site specific installation/performance, Postcard sizes: 5″x7″ and 4″x6″, Relief prints and monoprints attached to weather balloons.

Done in collaboration with 200 members of America’s Camp.

For Apollo’s Ascent, the campers were asked to create postcard sized tribute prints based on personal memories. On the back of the prints, private letters were written to their deceased loved one. The prints were attached to three giant biodegradable weather balloons and simultaneously released into the afternoon sky.

The Feathers of the Phoenix, 2006, 8’x15’x20′, Mixed media sculpture with internal wooden frame, chicken wire, paper mache, reproduced drawings, acrylic paint, gel medium, and glow in the dark paint.

Done in collaboration with 250 members of America’s Camp.

The “feather” imagery began as 12″x12″ watercolor drawings or paintings which were mechanically reproduced, and then converted into feather shapes. The imagery for the feathers reflects an individual the camper wished to honor, someone they hold in highest esteem. The sculpture glows in the dark, mimicking the mythical Phoenix bursting into flames.

Pandora’s Lantern, 2007, 10’x10’x9′, Multimedia sculpture which includes audio, lighting, hand painted frosted mylar panels, wood, and support materials.

Done in collaboration with 275 members of America’s Camp.

The watercolor imagery that makes up the accordion style structure of Pandora’s Lantern reflects the participants’ expressions of hope. For the audio recording that emanates from the core of the sculpture, the children say the name of their deceased family member, followed by what they hope for.